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Guild Rules/ByLaws posted
Jun 30, 09 2:13 PM
Welcome to the Coalition of the Willing (Thunderhorn/Alliance) Web Portal.  We are a fun-loving guild that helps all level progress through the game.  We are raiding 10-man content weekly and have a core of toons that pug 25-man on a regular basis.  We are growing slowly.  We don't have participation rules, except that if you start a fight, you finish it.  No applications to join, just whisper a member in game.  We will run with you for a while, and if you seem like a fit you will be invited.  That easy.
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Guild Rules/ByLaws posted

Fornor, Jun 30, 09 2:13 PM.
Please read the ByLaws Page completely.  It is mostly common sense and courtesy.  Ignorance is not an excuse for breaking the ByLaws.  --Fornor--
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